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Admin Backup/ Transfer

This section covers contacting creating, storing and restoring admin backups.

Accessing Backup Manager

To access backup manager, sign into the control panel and then click on the "Admin Tools" icon, followed by the "Admin Backup/Transfer" link.

manage user backups
manage user backups

Backup Settings

From there you can see backup(s) table, and of course there is no backups created yet. To create new backup now or later, press "Shedule Backup" button, to restore from backup, press "Restore Backup" button. To change Backup/Restore Settings, press link below.

First, let's look at the "Backup/Restore Settings." You can choose to recieve a message after backup has been finished, choose which NameServers or SPF records to use (from backup or keep local values.)

You can also choose to check for domain conflict in domainowners, rather than the named.conf, or remote named.conf files.

Make sure you've (un)checked the desired optoins, and click "Save" button.

backup settings

Create Backup

Now, as we have set up desired settings, let's create our first backup. To create backup press "Schedule Backup" button. You will be guided to three steps wizard.

Step1: Who

You can either choose All Users, or select desired users from the list. You may choose "All users Except Selected" for your convenience in case you want to backup everyone except "test user" for example.

creating backup

Step2: When

You can either choose to create backup now, or you can schedule it using cron settings. Cron settings allow you to setup automatic backup system in your desired period of time (every 24 hours for example). You can find more info about setting up cron settings here.

creating backup

Step3: Where

You can either choose local /home/{user}/admin_backups directory, or you can upload backups via FTP to your desired remote server.

creating backup

Step4: What

Select data you would like to backup. You can either select All data to backup, or you can select individual options like only FTP Accounts or only Domain Directories.

creating backup

After choosing all settings, press "Submit" button below. You will get notification that your back up is added to queue, and when DirectAdmin will finish your backup, you will be notified via Message System.

Restore Backup

Let's assume we've just created backup as mentioned above and our user settings has been deleted. Let's restore it from the backup. To restore website from backup press "Restore Backup" button.

Step1: From Where

You can either backup from local storage (home/{username}/admin_backups) or you can backup from remote server using FTP.

creating backup

Step2: Select IP

You can either Use the IP stored in the backup, or use IP from the list of your owned IP(s).

creating backup

Step3: Select File(s)

Each file will contain backup of specific user. File name will tell us what user backup there is. Select desired users you want to back up.

creating backup

After choosing all settings, press "Restore" button below. You will get notification that your restore is added to queue, and when DirectAdmin will finish your restore, you will be notified via Message System.

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