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Plugin Manager

This section covers using plugin manager.

Acessing Plugin Manager

To access Plugin Manager, sign into the control panel and then click on the "Extra Features" icon, followed by the "Plugin Manager" link.

access plugin manager
access plugin manager

Using Plugin Manager

While you are in Plugin Manager table, you may see all available plugins in your server. You also can see which plugins are ready installed, active and which ones can be updated. In order to modify plugin, click on the "+" symbol in the right corner of the table.

list installed plugins

Adding new Plugin

In order to add new plugin, click "Add" button above plugins table. You will see new window appear. Enter URL path of desired plugin and your Direct Admin password for security reasons. You can choose to automatically install plugin once uploaded. Check that everything is set correctly and press "Install" button.

Note: You may also choose to upload plugin directly from your local computer. To do so select "File" checkbox and Drag & Drop you item to webpage. Or you can click on "click to upload" box to select plugin from your file manager.

list installed plugins

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