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Administrator Usage Statistics

This section covers information server statistics, network usage statistics and filesystem information.

Accessing Usage Statistics

To access Complete Usage Statistics, sign into the control panel and then click on the "System Info & Files" icon, followed by the "Complete Usage Statistics" link.

access usage statistics
access usage statistics

Server Statistics

server statistics

The figures in the table are totals -- that is, the bandwidth in the first row represents the data transfer of every user on the server. These figures are reset monthly. You can see Bandwidth, Disk Usage and Inodes of every month in "Server History" menu. To access server history, simply push "Server History" button above the table.

Usage Stats for eth0

The figures in this section represent the total amount of data transfer moving in and out of the server's network card. The "Received" number may be very high if your server receives a lot of network traffic.

network statistics

File System Data

file system data

This section lists the active partitions and their usage.

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