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Name Servers

This section covers creating desired nameservers for users.

Accessing Name Servers

To access Nameservers page, sign into the control panel and then click on the "Server Manager" icon, followed by the "Nameservers" link.

access nameserver page
access nameserver page

For example, our customer (Username: tom) wants nameservers for his own domain ( That is, he wants to have and in his domain record instead of the Reseller's name servers.

This is how your Name Server table may look like:

list nameservers

Creating Name Servers

First, press "Create Nameservers" button in the top right corner of the page and select desired domain, and ip adresses.

In the above example we selected and, but we could have used .19 and .20. It does not matter if the IP is owned by a different User, because web sites and name servers are completely seperate.

After you have selected the two IP addresses from the selection bar, select the customer's domain name from the dropdown box at the top of the table. Then click the "Create Nameservers" button.

Note: You can select "Virtual" box if you don't want nameservers to show up in the nameserver's section. They will still exist in the domain's DNS zone.

add nameservers

This is what the table looks like with the new nameservers we added for our customer:

nameservers list after

Note: The IP addresses for the nameservers still have "free" status, so you can use these IPs for hosting other sites.

Deleting Name Servers

To remove nameservers, place a check in the left column next to the nameservers you want to delete and then click the "Delete" button . If you delete your own nameservers, you can always create them again through this menu.

delete nameservers

Warning: Deleting your own nameservers may cause your site and the sites of your customers to stop working.

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