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Reseller Statistics

This section covers accessing reseller statistics.

Accessing Reseller Statistics

To access reseller statistics, sign into the control panel and then click on the "System Info & Files" icon, followed by the "Reseller Statistics" link.

access reseller statistics
access reseller statistics

Understanding Reseller Statistics

In reseller statistics you can page you can see Usage Statistics, Account Info and Reseller Info. In the picture above there is example of Usage Statistics.

view reseller statistics

The Reseller statistics table is useful because it provides total account usage at a glance (total usage = your User + all your customers). Bandwidth statistics are calculated and updated every night at midnight.

On the "Account Info" table you can see the Name Server fields which denote the name servers that your customers (Users) will need to use in their domain records. Also you can see the IP, Package, Original Package and enabled features reseller (you) can access and enable for your customers (Users).

view reseller account information

At the bottom of the page you can access view reseller history where you can compare Bandwidth & Disk Usage of your reseller account every month.

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